Florida Homeschool Support Groups

Below is a list of homeschool support groups in Florida. Finding the right homeschool support group for your family can really make a difference in your school year. To add your group to the list, please fill out the Homeschool Support Group Form.

Jacksonville Homeschool Kids

Jacksonville Homeschool Kids is based in Jacksonville, Florida. This group is mostly focused in the Beaches/ICW/Arlington/Southside/area, but all areas are welcome to join! This is a year round secular group for homeschool families, so we have a variety of opinions, religions, race, and ideas that need to be respected. We all work at our own pace, but help one another along the way. This makes our experiences more varied and opens up new learning opportunities. We have Field Trips, Get Together(s), Clubs, Social Activities, PE, Special events, Academic Classes and lots more! Read more…
(Jacksonville – Beaches/ICW/Arlington/Southside area)