The Homeschool Classroom

Maria from Our Home’s Cool shares her newly decorated homeschool classroom with us to give us ideas of how to set up our own classrooms. Let’s take a look at Maria’s classroom and how she gave it an overhaul.

The Students’ Area

Evaluate your space available, listing the pros and cons.

After their first year of homeschooling, Maria evaluated their homeschool space noting the pros and cons of their setup and decided to make some changes. Although the desks were cute, the workspace was cramped and their wasn’t enough storage space. So, off to Ikea for some supplies…

The Remodeled Student Workspace

…and voila, a new workspace for her girls. The area has been streamlined and provides an efficient space for homeschooling. I love the crisp, clean appearance. It’s very inviting…a place her children can call their own. Good job, Maria!

Mom’s Command Center

Maria has a desk area set up for her lesson planning and teaching supplies. Her space evaluation determined that her desk needed painting and she also needed more storage area. She picked up a wire trolley/storage unit that also needed painting and made a cloth skirt to enclose the back and sides.

Mom's New Command Center

Her area is also bright and cheery. Notice how she tied in the color of the lamp with decorations on the desk and wall. She has all her teaching supplies organized and easily accessible. It is a pleasant place!

Setting up your own Homeschool Classroom or Work Space

I hope you were inspired by Maria to take a look at your existing space and see if you can add some life to it. Even if you only have a small space to work with, you can set up a special area for your homeschooling. Many homeschoolers work at the dining room table, and that is perfectly fine, but make it an inviting space. What little touches can you add to make it special? Don’t forget about storage space. You’ll need an area set aside to keep your books and supplies accessible and portable if you’re working at the kitchen table. Let your children help in the planning and design of your workspace. Some things to consider:

  • What are their favorite colors?
  • Have they outgrown their current desk?
  • What electronic equipment/outlet plugs are needed?
  • Where will you do messy projects, like art projects or science experiments?
  • Where will you keep your planning and teaching supplies?

Show off your Homeschool Classroom or Space

Send me pictures of your classroom or homeschool space and any storage tips and pictures. I’ll feature your classroom too and add it to the gallery to help inspire others.