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Makeshift Spoon Rest

I’ve never cared for spoon rests because they’re always in the way when you’re not using it or in the dishwasher when needed. In cooking my lunch today, I found myself holding a spoon with no place to lay it without making a mess and wishing I had a spoon rest. Then, I had an idea that worked out quite nicely. In the drawer next to my stove I keep a supply of Asian Soup Spoons. I pulled one out and voila, a spoon rest.

With my stash right next to my stove, I should always have a spoon rest available – yet never in my way. Unless, of course, I’m serving egg drop soup!

I hope my little discovery helps your household’s counter top and stove stay a little bit cleaner.

Carnival of Homeschooling: Floatin’ Down the River Edition

Dewey’s Treehouse takes us floating down the river with nothing but life jackets in this week’s Carnival of Homeschooling: Floatin’ Down the River Edition. Click to enlarge the pictures and you get the true beauty of the trip. What an exciting journey!

The next carnival will be hosted by The Informed Parent. Send in your submissions by Monday at 6 p.m. I look forward to reading your submissions.

Join the Homeschool Summer Reading Club

Summer Reading ClubIt’s time for the annual Homeschool Summer Reading Club. I’m very excited to carry on this tradition since 1990, first for local homeschoolers, then for homeschoolers across the nation. This is the first year the Summer Reading Club will be hosted at Homeschool The process is easy and the only cost is the postage required to send the prize packets to your children.

Learn all about the Summer Reading Club. Sign your children up, print the form and you’re all set to start reading the summer away!

Welcome to Homeschool Journeys

Welcome to my new website: Homeschool Journeys. I am Beverly Hernandez, a retired homeschooler of three. I have been very active in the homeschooling community over the past 28 years, running a homeschool bookstore, a large homeschool support group, and writing for for 13 years.

As a veteran homeschooler, I offer my expertise, insights and resources to the homeschooling community. I love designing unit studies, homeschool forms, printable worksheets and other resources. If you have specific needs, let me know and I’ll see if I can help.

I continue to be involved in the homeschool world as I mentor my grown children in their homeschooling, assisting in many ways in the education of my eleven grandchildren. I attend many of the local homeschool activities and field trips and will freely share with you. I look forward to sharing my homeschool journey with you and also offer myself as a “guide” on your homeschool journeys.