Makeshift Spoon Rest

I’ve never cared for spoon rests because they’re always in the way when you’re not using it or in the dishwasher when needed. In cooking my lunch today, I found myself holding a spoon with no place to lay it without making a mess and wishing I had a spoon rest. Then, I had an idea that worked out quite nicely. In the drawer next to my stove I keep a supply of Asian Soup Spoons. I pulled one out and voila, a spoon rest.

With my stash right next to my stove, I should always have a spoon rest available – yet never in my way. Unless, of course, I’m serving egg drop soup!

I hope my little discovery helps your household’s counter top and stove stay a little bit cleaner.


  1. Laurie Salliotte says:

    I use a shallow oval dish for my spoon rest; it’s about 2″ X 4″. It also works for banana splits. I got a set of them at a garage sale, and I also use another one for a butter dish, when I set out butter on the table.