Celebrate Flag Day – June 14th

Celebrate Flag Day

Flag Day is celebrated on June 14th each year. Here are some printable worksheets and coloring pages to teach your children about Flag Day. Talk about the history of the flag, the design and even the rules that govern the flying and care of the flag.

Flag Day is also a good time to practice the Pledge of Allegiance. If your children don’t know it yet, begin by having them copy the words on the worksheet. If your children can already recite it, dig deeper into the meaning behind the words and have them write about what they learned.


  1. adrienne says:

    Hi there: Am loving the homeschool information, and appreciating the printables….. any chances of having some links to Canadian information? I have discovered to my dismay that the States seems to be way ahead of us Canadians in the area of accessible homeschool materials. While subjects like math and language are somewhat universal for all of North America, social studies and history sources seem to focus almost exclusively on American content. Argh!
    Any suggestions?

    • Hi,

      I totally understand what you are saying. I will be providing Canadian information, but it may take a while. My site is still very young and I’ll be working on the basics first. I hope you will find the general homeschooling information useful in the meantime.